Deduction claims done intelligently

Smartclaims automates the deduction claims process, making it effortless to reclaim millions in cash leakage

Problems with Today's Deduction Claims Process



Prone to human error

Today's deduction claims process is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and prone to human error. It requires large staff to deal with extensive inbound claims from customers, contributing more than 2 days in days sales outstanding (DSO). Not only does it result in cash flow being tied up with customers, but also opens up cash being 'leaked' from invalid claims. Industry research suggests 'cash leakage' could be as high as 5% of total deduction claims.

Machine Learning Algorithm

Smartclaims utilizes machine learning algorithms to automate the deduction claims process. The algorithm can find patterns in customer behaviors from years and months of transaction records that can result in accurately predicting the outcome of any given dispute claim.

Smartclaims API

Smartclaims is ERP agnostic. You can invoke an API call in real-time to get predictive results integrated into existing ERP rules engines and workflow tools.

Smartclaims API

Productivity Gain

  • Improves efficiency by 2x, accurately auto-clearing at least 50% of total claims
  • Prioritizes investigation of invalid claims

Cash Recovery

  • Eliminates a rule-based approach prone to cash leakage
  • Accurately detects invalid deduction claims

DSO Reduction

  • Accelerates dispute resolution of open invoices and claims
  • Automates the categorization of reason codes